House of Ruth

Adah’s Story

Adah* first came to House of Ruth’s transitional housing with the clear desire to make changes in her life and get back on her feet. She was ready to set goals and make real progress. Adah formed a strong relationship with our staff, sharing her successes and diligently seeking support as she took steps forward on her path to independence.

While at House of Ruth, Adah stayed focused and did not let anything distract her. She was committed to attending daily sobriety classes and proactively finding employment. Her diligence led to a job interview. When Adah needed clothes for the interview, House of Ruth connected her to Suited for Change. There she was able to get a great, confidence-inspiring outfit, and the interview led to a job at a local hospital!

Adah successfully acquired an apartment through Jubilee Housing. House of Ruth assisted Adah with the cost of the security deposit and her first month of rent, enabling her to make the transition into her own apartment. Our staff celebrated with Adah as we helped her move her belongings into her new apartment.

Adah has kept in touch, and we are so glad to know that she is happy and continuing to move forward in a positive direction. Without resources, the challenges she faced would have been overwhelming. Thanks to Adah’s perseverance and House of Ruth’s generous community of supporters, her goals for sobriety, employment, and housing were all within her reach.

*Name has been changed.