House of Ruth

Angelica’s Story

This year, Angelica* will safely celebrate Thanksgiving in her own apartment, with her children. This would not be possible without the generosity of House of Ruth’s supporters, our expert staff, and Angelica’s deep resolve to overcome what many would consider to be insurmountable obstacles.

Angelica moved into House of Ruth’s permanent supportive housing for survivors of domestic violence in 2018. Her primary goals were maintaining sobriety and gaining mental stability in the hopes of reuniting with her three children. Within three months of moving into our housing, with support from our staff, Angelica completed all the requirements to reunify with her children.

During her two years at House of Ruth, Angelica actively engaged in case management, mental health services, Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous meetings, parenting classes, and therapeutic groups. With the assistance of our staff, she developed and utilized new coping skills that have enabled her to effectively navigate through stressful situations and maintain stability within her home. With financial guidance and monthly budgeting, Angelica saved over $4,000, funds that she used to successfully transition into independent living. In October, Angelica and her children moved into their own three bedroom apartment.

After enduring childhood trauma, domestic violence, and homelessness, Angelica has proven that with support, hard work, and perseverance, her dream of a stable life could turn into reality. The challenges she faced were overwhelming to her at times, but her willingness to actively engage in the services available to her through House of Ruth, carried her through. Our staff is so proud of her ability to transform the negative experiences she has gone through into a positive existence today.

*Name has been changed.