House of Ruth

Board Transitions at House of Ruth

On July 1, we welcome five new board members to serve on the House of Ruth board — and say goodbye to four board members who have collectively served on the House of Ruth board for more than 40 years(!). We are so grateful to Diane Lewis, president of ALTA Consulting Group, who served as board chair at House of Ruth for the past 2 years. We say a huge thank you to Darryl Christmon, VP and Chief Operating Officer at Georgetown University, who was chair of the finance committee for most of his 10 years on the House of Ruth board! We promise not to lose touch with Gina Schaefer, owner of A Few Cool Hardware Stores, because we need her energy and her leadership on development (she led the development committee for years). And we will miss Andrew Kentz, a Partner at Picard, Kentz & Rowe LLP, lawyer extraordinaire, who led our governance committee and helped re-write the bylaws. We will miss them all … and we are grateful to have five new board members step in to fill their (enormous!) shoes. Starting today, new board members include:

Frances Christmon, Principal, Frances D. Christmon, LLC
Dr. William Mazzella, M.D., Physician, Medstreet, Inc. and Internal Medicine Services, P.L.L.C.
Christine Pembroke, Enterprise Performance Senior Consultant, Deloitte
Jane Stevens, community volunteer and longtime supporter of House of Ruth
Helena Valentine, community volunteer and longtime supporter of House of Ruth

Thank you to all of the excellent board members and volunteers who give so much to House of Ruth to help our clients.