House of Ruth

Jane Stevens

Jane Stevens is a retired Licensed Professional Counselor who spent several years of her practice working in mental health clinics serving low income clients in Maryland. When she opened her own private practice she continued seeing many clients on a pro bono/low-bono basis. She is also trained in Collaborative Dispute Resolution and mediation and was an active team member for many collaborative divorce cases in the role of the mental health professional. She served on the board of the Collaborative Dispute Resolution Professionals in Maryland for three years, the final year as its president.

Jane has been active with several nonprofits, such as CASA (Court Appointed Advocates for Abused and Neglected Children), an adult reading program, a program through the county libraries that serves homebound patrons, and education nonprofits locally and internationally. Jane is a seasonal volunteer at the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens in Palm Springs, CA and is currently a board member for Wintergreen Music, an organization that focuses on annual summer music festivals and offers academy training and opportunities to students.

Jane enjoys participating in their scholarship program that reaches underserved communities, providing students equitable access to music education and programming. Jane joined the QALIC-B board of Kidspace in 2019, and has been an active contributor to House of Ruth since 1998.