House of Ruth

Casey and Sasha’s Story

Casey* and her daughter Sasha* live in House of Ruth’s permanent supportive housing for survivors of domestic violence who are also overcoming mental health challenges.

During the two years they have been at House of Ruth, Casey has accessed the resources she needs to maintain her sobriety and her mental health, increased both her work hours and her hourly wages, implemented a payment plan for paying off her medical debts, and established healthy communication with her daughter.

Our staff has been there for Casey as she has walked this path. We have connected her to resources, and she has drawn from this support to improve her circumstances. Casey has successfully begun saving money, and our staff is supporting her efforts to identify a career path that could lead to a higher income. We have linked her to free legal resources to help expunge her record, which will improve her career prospects. Our staff has watched her self-esteem grow. We are proud of the work Casey has done to reestablish boundaries with her daughter and to ensure her daughter communicates respectfully with her. With Sasha being in her preteen years and ready to test boundaries, this was a wonderful development in their lives.

The onset of COVID-19 has brought some additional challenges, but Casey has persisted. She continues to work at a fast food restaurant and to serve customers. Her Narcotics Anonymous meetings have been moved to Zoom, and she is still attending regularly.

Casey is eager to do more for herself and for her daughter, and we are there for them both as they walk their journey toward long-term stability and independence. We are proud to support them during this life-changing process.

*Names have been changed.