House of Ruth


Apr 27, 2022

Meera’s Story

Meera* has journeyed a long road to a healthy, holistic way of life. Meera has suffered through trauma, many years of homelessness, extensive substance abuse that resulted in incarceration, and bouncing around from shelter to shelter. Finding herself tired and ill, Meera eventually decided to pursue substance abuse treatment. When she came to House of […]

Mar 14, 2022

Please Join Us: House of Ruth Virtual Open House

On March 18th at 11 am, we will be holding a virtual open house session about the various housing programs and services offered at House of Ruth. We’ll be providing information on the admissions process to our family and single housing programs, as well as an overview of the Domestic Violence Support Center and our […]

Mar 14, 2022

Natalie’s Story

45-year-old Natalie* came to the Domestic Violence Support Center (DVSC) to address post-traumatic stress in the aftermath of a highly abusive marriage. Over the course of her therapy, she was able to not only reduce her trauma symptoms according to assessment tools used by the DVSC, but she also began to address longer-standing issues that […]

Feb 15, 2022

Alexi’s Story

27-year-old Alexi* was referred to the Domestic Violence Support Center (DVSC) by DC Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) after her four children were removed from her care. Alexi reported at intake that her children were removed following an incident where her 18 month-old daughter’s father physically disciplined her daughter, injuring her, and then kidnapped […]

Feb 15, 2022

A Successful Boilers Fundraiser

After a boiler failed in one of our apartment buildings late last year, we have been working to replace the aging boilers in all of our buildings. We received a generous offer by a donor to provide a $20,000 matching gift toward the $80,000 cost to replace the boilers. In January, we reached out to […]

Feb 15, 2022

Help House of Ruth by Donating Your Car!

House of Ruth’s current and former board members, Darryl Christmon and Frances Christmon, know they raised their daughter so well — and we do, too, because when she went to donate her 20 year old car — she thought of House of Ruth first! Her donation (her beloved first car — see photo!) was sold […]

Feb 1, 2022

Jayda’s Story

Jayda* is a mom who has two children attending House of Ruth’s Kidspace Child and Family Development Center. She is expecting, and is looking forward to enrolling her third child as well. Jayda has been through many challenges and traumas, and Kidspace has been an important constant in Jayda and her children’s lives. Jayda says, […]

Jan 15, 2022

2021 House of Ruth Holiday Wrap Up

And just like that, the holidays are over! But before we really move into the New Year, House of Ruth would love to say THANK YOU to everyone that participated in our Gifts for Families Holiday Program. With your generosity, we were able to provide every client with a gift this holiday season. With a […]

Jan 12, 2022

Cheri’s Story

65-year-old Cheri* came to House of Ruth’s Domestic Violence Support Center (DVSC) searching for help after ending an emotionally abusive relationship. Cheri found herself continuing to experience symptoms that were a result of prolonged intimidation and gaslighting. Cheri was able to work with her DVSC counselor to process different aspects of her relationship and work […]

Dec 30, 2021

Reema’s Story

Reema* and her sons live in House of Ruth’s Families First program, which provides supportive housing for mothers who are survivors of domestic violence and their children. Since Reema has been at Families First, she has received the support she needs to stay focused, to deal with difficult emotions, and to make tremendous progress on […]