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Oct 5, 2018

Stories of Hope: Renetta

Renetta’s Story of Hope is the tenth in our Stories of Hope video series. Renetta is a resident at House of Ruth, and shares that one of her kids has a disability, and it took her a long time to find a place that accommodated her son’s disability, as well as a place that would […]

Sep 21, 2018

Stories of Hope: Vicki

Vicki’s Story of Hope is the ninth in our Stories of Hope video series. Vicki is a victim of domestic violence, and she wanted to share her story to show other women that they do not have to continue dealing with abuse, that no matter how much they think they love their partner, to not […]

Sep 7, 2018

Stories of Hope: Pat

Pat’s Story of Hope is the eighth in our Stories of Hope video series. Pat is a Case Manager at House of Ruth, and has been a part of House of Ruth’s staff for ten years. Pat shares how it’s been truly rewarding to be able to help women who have fled from domestic violence, […]

Aug 24, 2018

Stories of Hope: Elinore

Elinore’s Story of Hope is the seventh in our Stories of Hope video series. Elinore shares that she has a history of violent relationships, but that her most recent relationship was extremely bad, and she needed to leave and go someplace safe. She tells how House of Ruth offered her a safe place to stay […]

Aug 22, 2018

Langar on the Hill

The Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund (SALDEF) hosts an annual meal/event on Capitol Hill, and a service event to help a DC-based nonprofit. This year, they chose House of Ruth as the benefactor of their good deed. In addition to being able to listen to three U.S. Congress Members and a U.S. Senator […]

Aug 22, 2018

Shannon’s Story

Shannon* came to House of Ruth’s Domestic Violence Support Center (DVSC) in August of 2015 seeking counseling in order to determine what action she should take with her marriage. Shannon’s husband of five years had become increasingly emotionally, verbally and recently physically abusive. They had a four year old daughter together. Shannon was very unsure […]

Aug 10, 2018

Stories of Hope: Amber

This video features Amber, and is the sixth in our Stories of Hope video series. Amber came to House of Ruth after leaving home, where she had suffered from abuse at the hands of her brothers. After multiple, physical altercations which included police involvement, Amber and her son left the abusive environment behind. At House […]

Jul 27, 2018

Stories of Hope: Kidspace

This video features Executive Director Ms. Sandra Jackson focusing on the Kidspace program, and is the fifth video in our Stories of Hope video series. Ms. Jackson reiterates that the ultimate goal of House of Ruth is to help women who have suffered complex trauma, and outlines that this support can only be comprehensive if […]

Jul 14, 2018

Ending Financial Abuse

The women at House of Ruth have endured many forms of trauma – one of the least known is financial abuse. From keeping all money matters away from a spouse to hiding income and expenses, financial abuse comes in many forms and is part of the control mechanism that abusers use to further victimize their […]

Jul 13, 2018

Stories of Hope: Janeen

Janeen’s Story of Hope is the fourth in a series of videos to be released over the next few months. Janeen shares that as a child she attended Kidspace, the daycare program at House of Ruth, and describes the program as feeling like family. Janeen is the daughter of Kalise, another featured Story of Hope, […]

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