House of Ruth

Cheri’s Story

65-year-old Cheri* came to House of Ruth’s Domestic Violence Support Center (DVSC) searching for help after ending an emotionally abusive relationship. Cheri found herself continuing to experience symptoms that were a result of prolonged intimidation and gaslighting.

Cheri was able to work with her DVSC counselor to process different aspects of her relationship and work toward minimizing symptoms she had been experiencing by strengthening her connection with her faith and gaining an increased understanding of the cycle of domestic violence. Cheri and her counselor also worked to increase Cheri’s awareness of how childhood neglect and trauma have played a role in her adult relationships.

Cheri continues to use her sessions with her DVSC counselor to gain a greater understanding of herself and make life changes based on this increased insight. Cheri hopes to be a help to other women who have gone through domestic violence by using her own experience to be an advocate for others.

*Name has been changed.