House of Ruth

Eric’s Story

Eric* is a 38-year-old man who came to the Domestic Violence Support Center (DVSC) seeking services after his wife became physically abusive towards him, resulting in his decision to leave her. Eric began counseling with the goal of processing the effects of the abuse, exploring his relationship patterns and previous experiences of abuse, and learning ways in which he could avoid abusive relationships in the future.

Since beginning his sessions with the DVSC, Eric has worked hard to explore possible links between past trauma and the abuse he experienced in his relationship with his wife. He has also identified ways in which he would like to practice having better boundaries with others and prioritize himself, which Eric has reported is very difficult for him to do.

Eric is currently living apart from his abuser and has begun the court proceedings to obtain a divorce. He has worked with his DVSC counselor to navigate this process and negotiate issues in the divorce that are important to him. Eric has also identified long-term goals which include moving closer to family and pursuing his career and hobbies in a way he was not able to while married to his abuser.

*Name has been changed.