House of Ruth

Kaeli’s Story

Kaeli* and her two young daughters have survived the trauma of domestic violence, and now, thanks to House of Ruth and our community of supporters, they will also survive the economic challenges of COVID-19.

Prior to COVID-19 Kaeli worked full-time as a janitor at a local university. When the pandemic hit in March and the university closed, she was out of work.

Thankfully, Kaeli and her daughters have a place to live through House of Ruth’s supportive housing, and a support system through our staff. We are here to assist Kaeli in navigating the practical challenges she faces while helping her remain calm and determined during these uncertain times.

House of Ruth has assisted Kaeli with money for groceries, transportation, and childcare coverage so her children did not have to leave their apartment during the pandemic. House of Ruth also made sure Kaeli and her girls received essential supplies, including hard-to-find items during the pandemic, like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, laundry detergent, and soap.

Kaeli carried debt that prevented her from being able to receive unemployment benefits. House of Ruth’s special debt remediation funds have helped pay off the debt. We have also helped her keep up with medical and utility bills while she has been out of work, ensuring she doesn’t take on more debt. Before coming to House of Ruth, Kaeli’s debt would double every year, and while she worked hard to pay it off, she was not able to get ahead of it. Now that she is debt free and her credit is good, she will be able to work toward applying for an apartment. Kaeli is determined to meet this goal.

There is good news to share — Kaeli’s employer reached out and she is starting back at work again this week!

Thanks to the generosity of the community supporting House of Ruth’s programs, Kaeli has survived unemployment. Her daughters have remained safe and healthy. Our children’s groups are still happening via Zoom, and are an ongoing source of support. Kaeli’s older daughter has benefited from access to a computer, the internet, and guidance with completing school assignments.

*Name has been changed.