House of Ruth

Karina’s Story

Karina’s devotion to her four children and the support she has received from House of Ruth staff has made so many good things happen.

Karina’s twin boys were just one year old when they moved into House of Ruth’s supportive housing for survivors of domestic violence last year. Born prematurely, their speech was delayed. House of Ruth was able to connect them to early intervention services and regular speech therapy. One year later, they are talking nonstop! They know their colors, numbers, and shapes. They are confident and happy toddlers.

Karina’s older girls have both experienced behavior challenges, particularly in school, and House of Ruth’s staff supported Karina as she connected with service providers through their school, and as she made sure her girls were able to see mental health therapists on a weekly basis. Our staff advocated for the therapists to provide services on-site at our program.

As she faced the challenges of recovering from a difficult situation and managing four children, Karina was able to benefit from parenting support provided by our staff. She has acquired new skills and abilities for her parenting toolbox, and she has fully embraced bringing structure and schedules into her children’s daily lives!

Our staff has watched Karina’s confidence and happiness grow as she has set goals for herself and reached them. While at House of Ruth, Karina has focused on attending employment trainings and working on certifications needed to acquire administrative work. She has actively improved her physical health and she has enhanced her ability to communicate with her children. Karina doesn’t harp on the past, and she keeps moving forward. She knows how to ask for help and she focuses on coming up with solutions to the challenges she encounters.

We are proud to support Karina’s resilience and growth!

*Name has been changed.