House of Ruth

Kristina’s Story

Before they came to House of Ruth, Kristina* and her two daughters were homeless and living in a shelter in a hotel in D.C. They had a long commute from the shelter to the girls’ school. Kristina’s abuser kept showing up during the commute and threatening them. Kristina would contact the police and let them know she had a restraining order, but he kept appearing. The danger and fear continued until they came to House of Ruth.

Kristina says she can’t even begin to explain all the blessings she and her girls have received at House of Ruth. House of Ruth has been there to lift Kristina and her girls up — to give them a safe place to land, while helping them realize new possibilities for their future.

Two years ago, Kristina and her daughters moved into our permanent supportive housing for survivors of domestic violence. With newfound security and a true support system through House of Ruth’s staff, Kristina was able to ground herself and begin to pursue education and training that will set her up for long-term independence. As of today, Kristina has already earned a medical assistant certification and a medical office administration certification, and she is finishing up the requirements to earn an electronic medical records certification. She is proud of these significant accomplishments and is looking forward to beginning a career in the healthcare industry.

Both of Kristina’s daughters are now thriving. Her oldest daughter Mia* is a senior in high school. She is a thoughtful, accomplished young woman who recently wrote an excellent essay on the struggles and challenges of going through homelessness while in school. Mia has a strong grade point average, and her hard work has truly paid off. She was accepted into eight different colleges, and recently made the decision to attend a local university.

Kristina says House of Ruth has helped me “be able to be the best me that I can be for myself and for my children.” Going back to school was never an option for her before. She and her girls went from being terrified daily to feeling safe and secure. Unlike their previous temporary shelter in a hotel room, the apartment at House of Ruth gave them a space to live normally and create a home. Kristina says “being able to live, and to live safely, has just been awesome.” She says the support system they have now through House of Ruth makes her feel like the sky is the limit.

There is so much to be excited about and look forward to as Mia approaches her high school graduation and makes plans for college. We are proud to help Kristina and her daughters find the safety and support they needed to heal from trauma and take steps toward a beautiful new future.

*Names have been changed.