House of Ruth

Laptops for House of Ruth students from Bridging Tech

In March, House of Ruth partnered with Bridging Tech, a nonprofit that gives free laptops for learning and enriching educational opportunities to children affected by homelessness.

During this past year of the pandemic, our staff, along with the women and children we serve, has had to dramatically shift their daily routine to accommodate the stay-at-home orders as well as the move to virtual school learning. In the words of one of our program coordinators: “We at House of Ruth have helped women and children survivors of homelessness and domestic violence, and we’ve spent 45 years funding trauma-informed care. The coronavirus has caused many of our clients to lose their jobs—and people who are still working, and their children, were NOT prepared for the completely computer-based 2020 and now, 2021.”

In answer to these new challenges brought by the pandemic, Bridging Tech graciously donated 95 newly refurbished laptops to the students at seven House of Ruth housing programs. The students and families are extremely grateful for these new laptops to complete their schoolwork, stay in touch with friends and classmates, and keep up with class. We thank Bridging Tech for their very generous support!