House of Ruth

Nina’s* Story of Hope

Two years ago, Nina* and her children left a safe house in another state and moved into House of Ruth’s supportive housing for mothers who have survived domestic violence and their children. Nina took a leap of faith in choosing to come to D.C. Thanks to her bravery and your generosity, she found the support she needed to rebuild her life at House of Ruth.

Nina knows she has come so far, AND that she will go further. She says, “I believe in myself and I can do this for my kids.” Since arriving at House of Ruth, Nina sought out a therapist and began ongoing counseling sessions. She also started school to become a medical assistant, and is now four months away from earning her degree. Her school will assist her in obtaining an externship, and she eagerly anticipates beginning a medical career.

Nina’s children are doing extremely well in school. They are in therapy and getting the help they need, and she is really happy about that. Nina’s oldest daughter remembers the most about their previous life, and for a long time, she hated men. With therapy and distance, she is overcoming that fear and anger. Her case manager has been there to provide encouragement and support to the whole family. Nina says, “My kids love the House of Ruth staff – my case manager has been amazing, and so amazing to my kids. They really love her – they just love hearing her voice.” Nina says, “When I went through a rough patch, I felt like she really felt my pain, and that was amazing.”

Nina’s goals are to finish school, to start a successful career, to obtain housing for her family, and to purchase a car. Our staff is thrilled to support Nina as she makes progress toward reaching these goals. Nina says, “I have gotten much stronger”, and “I feel like I can do anything.”

*Name has been changed.