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The Domestic Violence Support Center offers free psychotherapy to more than 140 people every year who are affected by domestic or intimate partner violence. The people served at the Support Center are from all walks of life and diverse racial and socioeconomic backgrounds.

We have found that many of the women, men and youth have a long history of trauma, beginning with neglect, violence and abuse in childhood and persisting in the form of domestic violence throughout their adult years. Typical responses to the trauma of domestic violence include depression and anxiety, self-destructive behaviors, chronic health problems and low self-esteem.

Individual psychotherapy helps survivors establish emotional and physical safety, reduce anxiety, build cognitive skills, establish goals for the future, and experience feelings without impulsively acting on them. The therapists also connect clients with other resources in the community

Working with the expert therapists at the Support Center, survivors come to understand the impact of abuse in their lives and develop new coping skills that allow them to function better in their daily lives.

Case management services are also provided. An individualized plan is developed with each person focusing on their immediate safety, mental health and addressing related issues. This plan then serves as a reference point for monitoring progress. The therapists help clients gain access to critical resources for housing, employment, education and training, child care, legal issues, budgeting and safety planning. In addition, the Support Center staff reaches out to many other organizations that may come in contact with people who are dealing with domestic violence to acquaint them with the supports and services available at House of Ruth.

Check out the video below to learn more about House of Ruth’s Domestic Violence Support Center.