House of Ruth

Program Highlight: Domestic Violence Support Center

House of Ruth is a major force in the community’s response to relationship and domestic violence. We provide housing, services and counseling to clients and families leaving and recovering from violent relationships. In 1998, the Domestic Violence Support Center was opened to assist individuals and children who need help resolving abuse issues.

At the Domestic Violence Support Center, more than 200 women and men each year are provided with free counseling to help them work through issues surrounding domestic violence. Through individual counseling, clients come to understand the impact that abuse has had on their lives—and on their children. With their counselors, they develop and carry out plans to establish safer lives and avoid abusive relationships. Domestic Violence Support Center services are free, confidential and effective.
Professional counselors, trained in helping people deal with trauma, help clients determine their options and achieve safe, stable lives, free from violence and other forms of abuse. Counseling and support are available for youth as well, to help them cope. All services at the Support Center are free. Individuals who are dealing with or have experienced relationship violence are encouraged to call the Support Center at 202-667- 7001 ext. 515 to schedule an initial conversation about how the Center staff might be able to help.