House of Ruth

Program Highlight: Kidspace

“Kids here have experienced all kinds of things – life challenges associated with homelessness, domestic violence, and it affects them, even if it was in utero,” says Crystal Graham, Co-Director at Kidspace. “Almost all have developmental delays because of that trauma, and we help them here.”

Every day at Kidspace, donors like you allow House of Ruth to provide free, high-quality, nurturing, and responsive services to formerly homeless, developmentally delayed children ages six weeks to five years old. In bright, engaging classrooms with a small teacher-to-student ratio, kids receive top-notch specialized developmental day care and tailored therapies, while their parents receive services to help them address the challenges in their lives.

Nearly every child coming to Kidspace has some developmental delay, and many across domains. Kidspace’s educators and therapists are advocates for each child, assessing needs and proactively providing speech and occupational therapy. Kidspace offers children a learning environment they may not otherwise have access to and the therapies they need to prevent more debilitating delays later in life. Even more importantly, Kidspace prepares children to be ready to learn and succeed in school and life.

For more than 25 years, Kidspace operated on a small campus of two older homes. At first, that worked well and gave children a place of their own. Because of the deterioration of the two older homes, Kidspace is now located in temporary buildings. With support from our community of donors, we look forward to improving the physical space to match the quality of services we provide there. Please stay tuned for more news – and thank you for helping these children recover from trauma, develop and thrive.

Former Kidspace campus

Current temporary Kidspace building