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Program Highlight: Three Sisters

Good things are happening at Three Sisters, House of Ruth’s long-term home for women. The 14 women living at Three Sisters have been chronically homeless, and many are dually diagnosed, or struggling with both mental illness and substance abuse problems – sometimes linked to their traumatic upbringing. For some women, a fully independent, self-sufficient life is an unrealistic goal. At Three Sisters, women receive daily, ongoing support and encouragement as they do the hard work of stabilizing their lives and building skills for more independent living. House of Ruth works with each woman to identify her strengths and her needs, and together, we create a plan to help her reach her goals. With 24-hour support and a consistent, nurturing environment, women learn skills and routines they need to thrive.








2 thoughts on “Program Highlight: Three Sisters”

  1. Would like to get information on criteria for admissions.

    1. House of Ruth says:

      I hope our email conversation was helpful – thank you for reaching out!

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