House of Ruth

Ronni’s Story

We are open for business and serving our hundreds of clients in this time of uncertainty, illness and difficulty. We hope our clients, staff and donors stay safe and healthy.

Ronni* and her two daughters came to House of Ruth’s supportive housing seeking safety from an abusive relationship. During her time at House of Ruth, she has regained her sense of self and rebuilt her life.

Ronni was able to transition from temporary employment to working full-time as a janitor at a local university. She opened her own bank account and started saving money. She was able to purchase a car and is now saving money with the ultimate goal of buying a home where she can raise her girls. House of Ruth connected her to a first-time homebuyer’s program run by NACA (Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America), and with their support, she knows she will make that dream a reality.

Ronni has also taken full advantage of the personal support available to her through House of Ruth. She goes to one-on-one therapy and participates in group counseling. She has truly found her own self-worth and value—severing the abusive relationship with her child’s father, finding the courage to obtain child support, and going through the process of getting custody of her children. Our staff was there to connect her to legal assistance and to support her emotionally as she faced these challenges.

Through House of Ruth, Ronni has accessed a safety net that has carried her through the process of healing and rebuilding. Some days it seems like the little things can make the biggest difference… Our staff was there to watch her young daughters when she temporarily lost access to daycare services, which meant she was still able to go to work. We also helped Ronni with transportation when her car broke down, again ensuring she didn’t lose her job.

Ronni has made the most of her time at House of Ruth. She is facing the future with positivity, determined not to be in another abusive relationship and to ensure a stable, loving home environment for her daughters. Thanks to the support of our donors and Ronni’s strength, she and her girls are moving forward toward a safe, independent, and positive future.

*Name has been changed.