House of Ruth

Blossoming With Room To Rebloom

written by Sandra L. Jackson, MSW, LICSW, LCSW-C, Executive Director

We are all about transitioning and blossoming here at House of Ruth, and that’s why I love spring so much. We serve so many women who felt ignored, unseen, or invisible — and thanks to your help — we illuminate their beauty, opportunities and strength. It’s a wonderful season at House of Ruth.

We are lucky to have partners to help us all feel brighter and cheerier after a long winter. From volunteer groups that are replanting our flower beds and gardens in March and April to interior decorators from Room to Rebloom, we are all shining brighter thanks to working together.

Room to Rebloom is a non-profit that specializes in interior design for women who have survived domestic violence. They have partnered with House of Ruth in the past, remaking one of our programs into a beautiful, welcoming and home-y space. Last week, they partnered with us again. A client who is currently transitioning away from House of Ruth (she has moved into her own apartment, is employed, and is thriving) was given a once-in-a-lifetime home makeover. From leaving a home without anything but her children and a suitcase to finding her own space completely redone and beautiful — journeys like these happen all the time at House of Ruth.

In addition, during the last week alone, we’ve partnered with a dentist who donated a full day of work to our clients; a volunteer who came to one of our shelters and rebuilt a garden bed; and an alumni group from Howard University that is raising money on behalf of House of Ruth. We could not do our work without this support!

I hope you are enjoying your own time of renewal this spring. Thank you for supporting the work we do at House of Ruth.