House of Ruth

Stories of Hope: Aleya

Aleya’s Story of Hope is the twelfth in our Stories of Hope video series. Aleya shares how she was married for seven years, and left her abusive situation and came to House of Ruth this past July with her three children. Aleya shares how the House of Ruth staff helped guide her through the process and helped her gain stability and structure in the lives of her and her children, and built back their sense of independence.

Through the many resources provided at House of Ruth, Aleya talks about the positive impact on her children, who are no longer afraid – they can just be themselves again, as kids. She proudly shares that her son is on the honor roll at school, and despite the occasional flashbacks to their past trauma, they are reassured by the stability and safety they found at House of Ruth, and continue to progress in their healing process.

Aleya is now a certified medication technician, and feels positive about her future. Aleya talks to her House of Ruth case manager on a regular basis, whenever she needs to talk about anything and everything, which Aleya notes is extremely helpful to her.