House of Ruth

Stories of Hope: Amber

This video features Amber, and is the sixth in our Stories of Hope video series.

Amber came to House of Ruth after leaving home, where she had suffered from abuse at the hands of her brothers. After multiple, physical altercations which included police involvement, Amber and her son left the abusive environment behind. At House of Ruth, she was finally able to live in a peaceful environment, a place she didn’t have to worry about her or her son’s safety.

Since being with House of Ruth, Amber reports her son is doing much better in school. She recalls that in the past, his behavior had been challenging to his teachers, which Amber now knows was due to the negative environment he was living in before. Today, Amber is happy to say her son is having many more positive days, with very few issues anymore.

Amber shares that to her, House of Ruth is a place that gets women back on their feet, and a place that provides long-term help. For Amber, it’s a place people can go to that will help them in many different ways.