House of Ruth

Stories of Hope: Elinore

Elinore’s Story of Hope is the seventh in our Stories of Hope video series. Elinore shares that she has a history of violent relationships, but that her most recent relationship was extremely bad, and she needed to leave and go someplace safe. She tells how House of Ruth offered her a safe place to stay and to heal with the other residents, and that despite their different situations, they all helped one another.

Elinore is grateful that at House of Ruth she no longer has to constantly fear violence, and that as a result she is now doing and feeling much better. She shares that she is becoming self-sufficient, doing things for herself, and moving forward to bigger things in her healing. For example, she shares that she is moving into her own place and that she is pursuing a degree to further her education.

Finally, Elinore addresses any women who are scared or who are in unsafe situations, encouraging them to call House of Ruth and reassuring them that House of Ruth will open their doors, welcome them, and keep them safe. She promises them that they don’t have to be scared anymore.