House of Ruth

Stories of Hope: Kidspace

This video features Executive Director Ms. Sandra Jackson focusing on the Kidspace program, and is the fifth video in our Stories of Hope video series.

Ms. Jackson reiterates that the ultimate goal of House of Ruth is to help women who have suffered complex trauma, and outlines that this support can only be comprehensive if there is a space for their children who have survived traumas of their own. Kidspace is House of Ruth’s child development center, and Ms. Jackson shares that in the 25 years since the founding of the program in 1990, the program has been accredited, awarded, and certified for education and for trauma healing.

Ms. Jackson emphasizes the unchanged original mission of Kidspace is to encourage the children to heal emotionally and to find their voices, to help them to exceed developmental milestones, and to prepare them to embrace learning, growth, and success in their lives. Ms. Jackson emphasizes that Kidspace is a safe haven where healing is encouraged alongside structured learning. Finally, Ms. Jackson shares that the trust of these children is the highest honor of the Kidspace program, and that the program will continue to serve this population as long as the need is present.