House of Ruth

Stories of Hope: Pat

Pat’s Story of Hope is the eighth in our Stories of Hope video series. Pat is a Case Manager at House of Ruth, and has been a part of House of Ruth’s staff for ten years. Pat shares how it’s been truly rewarding to be able to help women who have fled from domestic violence, and appreciates how the staff at House of Ruth is very empathetic and non-judgmental.

Pat emphasizes how women who come to House of Ruth can stay and use the services for as long as they need, and they are able to build their life back from almost nothing, with the help of the staff, whether it’s for referring women to employment resources, housing, mental health services, or parenting.

Helping women and their children succeed is Pat’s greatest motivation at House of Ruth, because the women want to change their life for themselves as well as for their children. Finally, Pat reflects that a lot of the women who come to House of Ruth realize that they truly can flourish, and are inspired to reach for success for themselves and their children.