House of Ruth

Stories of Hope: Ms. Sandra Jackson, Executive Director

In this week’s video of our Stories of Hope series, Sandra Jackson, Executive Director of House of Ruth and licensed clinical social worker, shares that the work she does at House of Ruth is the work that she has wanted to do all her life, allowing her to help those with the greatest need. She tells how for 40 years House of Ruth has served women, children, and families, helping them to achieve stability and independence. Ms. Jackson also emphasizes that House of Ruth strives to create an atmosphere of hope and support to encourage healing and recovery from trauma and abuse.

House of Ruth works to make these goals a reality for the women we serve by provide them with stable housing, training them in life skills, connecting them with educational opportunities, creating a safe space for their children, and providing mental health counseling and emotional support, all while helping them to navigate the legal system with wrap-around case management.

Ms. Jackson underscores that the ultimate goal of House of Ruth is for these women, children, and families to reach their highest potential. She acknowledges that each woman helped by House of Ruth has her own destination, but that House of Ruth serves to get her there safely.