House of Ruth

Stories of Hope: Vicki

Vicki’s Story of Hope is the ninth in our Stories of Hope video series. Vicki is a victim of domestic violence, and she wanted to share her story to show other women that they do not have to continue dealing with abuse, that no matter how much they think they love their partner, to not let them hurt you.

Vicki shares how she was a victim of abuse by her now ex-spouse for sixteen years and scared to leave. But she found strength in God and in herself that she deserved better than this, and left her spouse. At House of Ruth, Vicki is slowly but surely processing her experiences and stress, and building up her hopes and self-esteem. She now proudly says that although her ex-spouse made her feel like he was worthless, she knows now that she is worthy.

At House of Ruth Vicki shares that she found true friendship, and that the staff at House of Ruth shows her true, unconditional love – something she had never experienced. Vicki see her life heading toward living in her own place and reuniting with her family. She ends by sharing that she has a new grandchild, and that Vicki wants to live her life perfectly for her.