House of Ruth

Susan’s Story

House of Ruth’s Domestic Violence Support Center offers free, top-quality counseling to survivors of domestic violence.

Susan*, age 35 and with no history of counseling, came to therapy at House of Ruth to address feelings of anxiety, depression, and a belief that she was missing out on things in life, such as fulfilling work and relationships.

She had previously been married to a verbally abusive man, and was struggling financially as a single mother while attempting to co-parent with her highly unpredictable and threatening ex-husband. Over the course of the therapy, Susan came to understand the impact of her abusive relationship on her views about herself and others.

With therapy, Susan returned to school after 18 years to finish her undergraduate degree while working full-time; successfully rearranged her daughter’s custody schedule to better meet her daughter’s needs; married a very supportive man; and secured her first job in a field in which she has had a long-term interest.

Susan and her husband are now working on becoming first-time home buyers and Susan is proud of her tremendous progress.

*Names have been changed.