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Ania’s Story

Ania’s Story

Ania* brought her young son to House of Ruth to flee domestic violence. During their time at House of Ruth, Ania steadily and successfully rebuilt their lives and established her independence.

They first lived in our residential housing with staff on-site, and after a year, they transitioned into more independent housing through our Bridges scattered site program. While at Bridges, they lived in their own apartment in the community, received income-based rental assistance, case management, and other supportive services.

Ania’s biggest obstacle was her fear of being on her own. She was worried about being able to support herself and her son for the long-term. But Ania was also committed to building on all the opportunities available to her to be successful through House of Ruth. She worked with her case manager to figure out how to bring down her debt, to improve her credit score, and to increase her income. She prioritized saving money. She also took care of herself by attending therapy at our Domestic Violence Support Center, and by participating in support groups.

Ania created a vision board with her dreams and goals early on during her time at House of Ruth. More than a year later, while attending a group session at Bridges, she was with a new group of peers who were creating vision boards. She was proud to share that she had already achieved all of the dreams on the first vision board she created.

When her case manager asked Ania if she was ready to be on her own, she responded, “I feel good, House of Ruth has done well by me, I was able to grow, and I am ready to be on my own.”

In November 2020 she transitioned out of our Bridges program, taking over the lease on her apartment and fully supporting herself and her son, all while working full-time at a nursing home and attending graduate school in the medical field. Now she is beginning to dream about and plan for the day when she will purchase her own home.

Ania is proud to know she is more than capable of standing on her own and thriving. We are honored to support Ania as she worked hard to build a bright future for herself and her son.

*Name has been changed.

Kenya’s Story

Kenya* and her three children came to House of Ruth to flee an abusive situation. They found safety and support at A New Way, our transitional housing for survivors of domestic violence. That was the beginning of their journey at House of Ruth.

Kenya is inspiring, a go-getter who has successfully drawn on the support available to her through House of Ruth to make her goals a reality. Her admirable resourcefulness was obvious from the very beginning. Upon arrival at A New Way, our staff supported Kenya in identifying her goals and next steps. Her top priority was finding housing for her family. When she learned about the possibility of graduating to our more independent Bridges program, she knew she was prepared to put the work in to qualify. Bridges enables clients to receive income-based rental assistance for an apartment in the community, and the assistance gradually decreases as the client becomes completely independent. The first step toward qualifying was finding a job, and the next step was saving at least $1,000.

After two months of proactive job searching, Kenya secured a great job with Metro. She works the night shift so she has more time to be with her children. She soon exceeded her goal to save $1,000. Our staff worked with Kenya to help her improve her credit score. This improvement enabled her to purchase a more reliable car, and made it possible for her to secure an apartment when she was ready to transition to the Bridges program. She has fallen in love with the apartment and thanks to furniture obtained through A Wider Circle, she has made it a beautiful home for her children.

Our staff has witnessed Kenya’s ebullient spirit and vivaciousness even in the face of tremendous challenges and the anxiety she has experienced while facing them. She has taken care of herself and her family. As her children have experienced emotional and behavioral issues in response to the abuse they witnessed, Kenya has made sure they attend family therapy to work on healing and overcoming these challenges. She participated in weekly group counseling herself.

We have been honored to support Kenya as she turned her anxiety into hope for the future, and to celebrate with her as she blossomed and reached her goals.

*Name has been changed.

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