House of Ruth

Family Fun at House of Ruth

Family Fun at House of Ruth

In April, the children at House of Ruth had a fun-filled day with a spring egg hunt on the grounds of the Families First I program. The kids and staff had a great time looking for (and hiding) the eggs. Check out some of the photos from the egg hunt below!

Reema’s Story

Reema* and her sons live in House of Ruth’s Families First program, which provides supportive housing for mothers who are survivors of domestic violence and their children.

Since Reema has been at Families First, she has received the support she needs to stay focused, to deal with difficult emotions, and to make tremendous progress on her goals. She is putting in the work to recover from painful experiences, and build a wonderful, positive future for herself and her boys.

Reema says she knows she can be very emotional, and it has been so helpful to her to have access to the case managers and life skills trainers at Families First to talk through what is going on in her life. Our expert, compassionate staff is here to help Reema stay solution-focused and find practical answers to the challenges she experiences.

In the two years she has been at Families First, Reema has cleaned up her credit, obtained new certifications for her job, completed college-level coursework, and started saving money for her own apartment.

Reema works as a unit support staff member in a local hospital, and is a registered behavioral technician. She plans to go into social work, and is attending a local university to make that dream a reality.

Reema is very focused on saving money, and her goal is to save enough to move into her own apartment by this August. She plans to find an apartment near her sons’ school, her job, and her own school as well. She is setting herself up for long-term success.

Reema says it has been wonderful to take advantage of the parenting support at Families First. Her boys attend a children’s group every week, and she participates in parenting groups that provide tips on how to be a more proficient parent. She feels like her boys have a new mom as a result. She is more focused on them, and is always thinking about how things will affect them. She says the support she has received in this area has been key to their thriving as a family.

*Name has been changed.