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Angelica’s Story

Angelica’s Story

This year, Angelica* will safely celebrate Thanksgiving in her own apartment, with her children. This would not be possible without the generosity of House of Ruth’s supporters, our expert staff, and Angelica’s deep resolve to overcome what many would consider to be insurmountable obstacles.

Angelica moved into House of Ruth’s permanent supportive housing for survivors of domestic violence in 2018. Her primary goals were maintaining sobriety and gaining mental stability in the hopes of reuniting with her three children. Within three months of moving into our housing, with support from our staff, Angelica completed all the requirements to reunify with her children.

During her two years at House of Ruth, Angelica actively engaged in case management, mental health services, Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous meetings, parenting classes, and therapeutic groups. With the assistance of our staff, she developed and utilized new coping skills that have enabled her to effectively navigate through stressful situations and maintain stability within her home. With financial guidance and monthly budgeting, Angelica saved over $4,000, funds that she used to successfully transition into independent living. In October, Angelica and her children moved into their own three bedroom apartment.

After enduring childhood trauma, domestic violence, and homelessness, Angelica has proven that with support, hard work, and perseverance, her dream of a stable life could turn into reality. The challenges she faced were overwhelming to her at times, but her willingness to actively engage in the services available to her through House of Ruth, carried her through. Our staff is so proud of her ability to transform the negative experiences she has gone through into a positive existence today.

*Name has been changed.

Sydney’s Story

32-year-old Sydney* first came to the House of Ruth’s Domestic Violence Support Center (DVSC) seeking counseling support after she separated from her violent husband. Because she was not an American citizen and wished to continue living in this country, she was required to submit an application to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services demonstrating she was a victim of marital abuse.

Sydney’s counselor contributed a detailed letter to this application that outlined instances of abuse in her marriage. Sydney also used her time in counseling at the DVSC to process her experiences in her marriage, and came to feel more settled and empowered about what happened to her and her decision to leave her abusive husband. Sydney had never experienced counseling before, and regularly told her counselor that their work together “set me free,” and that it had helped her to “build myself up from the inside.”

*Name has been changed. 

Adah’s Story

Adah* first came to House of Ruth’s transitional housing with the clear desire to make changes in her life and get back on her feet. She was ready to set goals and make real progress. Adah formed a strong relationship with our staff, sharing her successes and diligently seeking support as she took steps forward on her path to independence.

While at House of Ruth, Adah stayed focused and did not let anything distract her. She was committed to attending daily sobriety classes and proactively finding employment. Her diligence led to a job interview. When Adah needed clothes for the interview, House of Ruth connected her to Suited for Change. There she was able to get a great, confidence-inspiring outfit, and the interview led to a job at a local hospital!

Adah successfully acquired an apartment through Jubilee Housing. House of Ruth assisted Adah with the cost of the security deposit and her first month of rent, enabling her to make the transition into her own apartment. Our staff celebrated with Adah as we helped her move her belongings into her new apartment.

Adah has kept in touch, and we are so glad to know that she is happy and continuing to move forward in a positive direction. Without resources, the challenges she faced would have been overwhelming. Thanks to Adah’s perseverance and House of Ruth’s generous community of supporters, her goals for sobriety, employment, and housing were all within her reach.

*Name has been changed.

Sheila’s Story

Sheila* is a strong, loving mom and a fierce advocate for her young sons. She has persevered through trauma while continuing to grow as a person and a parent. When her oldest son started at Kidspace as a very young infant, they were living in House of Ruth’s supportive housing for mothers and children who are survivors of domestic violence. At first Sheila was reluctant to put her 4 month-old son in daycare. She held a very strong bond and attachment with her baby, and she had difficulty trusting Kidspace staff. The distrust came from witnessing negative situations when she was working at a daycare in the past.

There have been moments where Kidspace staff has had the opportunity to connect with Sheila and honor her parenting in ways she had not experienced before. Other people in her life told Sheila she was holding her baby too much and that she was spoiling him. Our staff was able to affirm that she was absolutely doing the best thing possible for her baby.

Today Sheila’s first child is three years old, and she has another infant son. Over the past three years, we have seen Sheila’s children thrive as she has developed strong relationships with Kidspace teachers and staff. Sheila has regularly taken advantage of parent and child development trainings offered by our partner agencies. She has always been an excellent advocate for her children — ready to speak her mind and provide feedback to teachers. With staff support, Sheila has grown in her ability to appreciate different points-of-views and in her desire to work together with her children’s teachers to meet their needs.

Sheila has taken her advocacy skills to the next level — serving as the president of Kidspace’s parent committee and being a voice for other parents at local childcare policy council meetings. Sheila has volunteered her time in the midst of working and raising her children. The onset of the pandemic affected her 9 to 5 pm employment, and she recently made the choice to purchase an ice cream truck! The decision has proven to be wise, as she has been working socially distanced parties and finding success during these unusual times.

We are honored to support Sheila on her parenting journey, and to support the growth and development of her wonderful boys.

*Name has been changed.

Mia’s Story

Mia* and her children came to House of Ruth to escape an abusive relationship. Early on, she had big concerns about her ability to regain her independence, but with her tremendous resolve and House of Ruth’s community of supporters, today she is on her own and doing so well.

Just six months ago, Mia transitioned from participating in our scattered site programming (where she received income-based rental assistance, case management, counseling, and life skills support) to total independence. She has successfully paid her rent on her own for six months, and is saving money with the ultimate goal of purchasing a home. Mia’s path to independence was paved by hard work and a commitment to saving money to prepare for the future.

During her time with House of Ruth, Mia maintained her part-time employment while working on building her credit. With support from House of Ruth’s special debt remediation fund, she was able to pay off debts and greatly improve her credit score. She also expanded her employment to include an additional part-time supervisory position at a social service agency. Mia budgeted and diligently saved her money, always focusing on preparing to support herself and her children after moving on from House of Ruth. She already has a bachelor’s degree in social work, and during this time she began to pursue a master’s degree in the field of educational leadership.

Mia and her children only spent a year in one of House of Ruth’s scattered site programs, but so many positive things came out of that time. Most importantly, Mia is free from an abusive relationship, and she received the support she needed to heal and rebuild. She is living a healthy, stable life with her children, who are thriving.

*Name has been changed.

Karina’s Story

Karina’s devotion to her four children and the support she has received from House of Ruth staff has made so many good things happen.

Karina’s twin boys were just one year old when they moved into House of Ruth’s supportive housing for survivors of domestic violence last year. Born prematurely, their speech was delayed. House of Ruth was able to connect them to early intervention services and regular speech therapy. One year later, they are talking nonstop! They know their colors, numbers, and shapes. They are confident and happy toddlers.

Karina’s older girls have both experienced behavior challenges, particularly in school, and House of Ruth’s staff supported Karina as she connected with service providers through their school, and as she made sure her girls were able to see mental health therapists on a weekly basis. Our staff advocated for the therapists to provide services on-site at our program.

As she faced the challenges of recovering from a difficult situation and managing four children, Karina was able to benefit from parenting support provided by our staff. She has acquired new skills and abilities for her parenting toolbox, and she has fully embraced bringing structure and schedules into her children’s daily lives!

Our staff has watched Karina’s confidence and happiness grow as she has set goals for herself and reached them. While at House of Ruth, Karina has focused on attending employment trainings and working on certifications needed to acquire administrative work. She has actively improved her physical health and she has enhanced her ability to communicate with her children. Karina doesn’t harp on the past, and she keeps moving forward. She knows how to ask for help and she focuses on coming up with solutions to the challenges she encounters.

We are proud to support Karina’s resilience and growth!

*Name has been changed.

Kaeli’s Story

Kaeli* and her two young daughters have survived the trauma of domestic violence, and now, thanks to House of Ruth and our community of supporters, they will also survive the economic challenges of COVID-19.

Prior to COVID-19 Kaeli worked full-time as a janitor at a local university. When the pandemic hit in March and the university closed, she was out of work.

Thankfully, Kaeli and her daughters have a place to live through House of Ruth’s supportive housing, and a support system through our staff. We are here to assist Kaeli in navigating the practical challenges she faces while helping her remain calm and determined during these uncertain times.

House of Ruth has assisted Kaeli with money for groceries, transportation, and childcare coverage so her children did not have to leave their apartment during the pandemic. House of Ruth also made sure Kaeli and her girls received essential supplies, including hard-to-find items during the pandemic, like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, laundry detergent, and soap.

Kaeli carried debt that prevented her from being able to receive unemployment benefits. House of Ruth’s special debt remediation funds have helped pay off the debt. We have also helped her keep up with medical and utility bills while she has been out of work, ensuring she doesn’t take on more debt. Before coming to House of Ruth, Kaeli’s debt would double every year, and while she worked hard to pay it off, she was not able to get ahead of it. Now that she is debt free and her credit is good, she will be able to work toward applying for an apartment. Kaeli is determined to meet this goal.

There is good news to share — Kaeli’s employer reached out and she is starting back at work again this week!

Thanks to the generosity of the community supporting House of Ruth’s programs, Kaeli has survived unemployment. Her daughters have remained safe and healthy. Our children’s groups are still happening via Zoom, and are an ongoing source of support. Kaeli’s older daughter has benefited from access to a computer, the internet, and guidance with completing school assignments.

*Name has been changed.

Brandi’s Story

40-year-old Brandi* came to House of Ruth’s Domestic Violence Support Center (DVSC) through a referral from local police for help in the immediate aftermath of a violent intimate partner relationship.

Because Brandi was experiencing extreme levels of stress when she first came to counseling, her counselor started by working with her to try and help Brandi feel safer, including in her own body. After a few months of counseling and when Brandi’s symptoms had settled, she began to try to make sense of her past relationship. To assist in her process, her DVSC counselor began employing EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), an evidence-based therapy used to help survivors of trauma.

After a few EMDR sessions, Brandi reported that her memory of the “worst incident” in her relationship was not only more tolerable to think about, but her negative beliefs about herself had been largely replaced by more positive beliefs involving personal empowerment, resiliency, and creativity.

“Since I’ve come here,” Brandi told her counselor, “I feel much safer, and I’ve let go of a lot of my anger, which was holding me back. I’m happy to see me make progress.”

*Name has been changed.

Tierra’s Story

Tierra* and her two children recently entered one of House of Ruth’s scattered site programs for survivors of domestic violence. In our scattered site programs, clients live in their own apartment in the community and pay a portion of their rent based on their income. That portion grows as clients stabilize their lives and increase their income. Clients also benefit from access to counseling, case management, and life skills training.

Tierra and her children left a very abusive home situation, and our staff worked hard and fast to quickly get them out and into a safe apartment.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Tierra was enrolled in the DC Career Connections employment program but was not able to be placed in a job because of the crisis. This created a temporary gap in her income, and House of Ruth was there to support her — with additional rent money to prevent her from losing her apartment, and necessary food supplies. With support from House of Ruth, she made it through that uncertain time and has started to receive payments from the employment program.

Tierra is focused and driven. She has earned her Commercial Driver’s License and is preparing to put it to use at work. Ultimately she wants to work for the Washington Metro Transit Authority, and the Career Connections program will give her the employment experience needed to pursue this goal.

With help from House of Ruth, Tierra and her family were able to receive the emotional support they need to heal from the trauma they have experienced. Tierra goes to therapy herself, and she also goes to counseling with one of her children every week, supporting her child in their recovery process.

Tierra wanted to move her children away from the abuser into their own apartment for a long time, but it wasn’t possible. She had debt and her credit wasn’t perfect. She was incredibly grateful and relieved to be able to take the next step to safety and independence with House of Ruth. Today their lives are free from violence because of Tierra’s bravery.

Our staff has watched Tierra’s joy in setting up her family’s apartment — arranging furniture, unpacking boxes and gradually creating a safe and happy home of their own. Tierra has proudly declared, “this is my apartment, my kids, and we are moving forward.”

*Name has been changed.

Michelle’s Story

Michelle* and her three children lives in one of House of Ruth’s supportive housing programs for mothers and children who have survived domestic violence. Like more than thirty other House of Ruth residents, Michelle recently lost her job as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Michelle is a dedicated, hard worker. She is certified to provide in-home healthcare. She has gone through difficult times before, having cared for terminally ill patients who passed away, which meant she was out of work for periods of time. Most recently she worked in Maryland. This situation started off well when she had a car, but when the car broke down and needed prohibitively expensive repairs, she had to take public transportation. This meant two bus rides and one metro ride just to take her daughter to daycare and get to work. House of Ruth was able to help her some with Lyft rides, but most of her wages went to transportation costs. Despite these challenges, Michelle was determined to keep working.

Today, House of Ruth is supporting Michelle with essentials (e.g. toilet paper, groceries) while she waits for her unemployment and stimulus checks to come through. She has also applied for food stamps. More time at home has given Michelle a chance to reflect, and she has realized she needs more education to obtain a healthcare position that pays a sustainable wage. She is researching degree programs. Our staff will be there for her as she figures out how to make this happen. Staff empowers every client we serve by helping them create a personal budget, and Michelle’s budget includes making regular, minimal payments on an educational loan for which she is in default. This has already set her up to move forward with her new plans in a reasonable time frame, and will keep her past challenges from preventing her from reaching her goals.

Michelle is a wonderful mother who wants the best for her children, and works hard to stay tuned into their needs. She has sought the help of our staff to make sure her children are able to complete their school assignments during the quarantine. Both of her boys are elementary school age and on the honor roll. This morning she joyfully announced that her older son was accepted into a middle school for gifted students, which he will attend in the fall. She makes sure the boys stay very active, and they have excelled while playing on multiple sports teams.

Her three year-old daughter, Elise*, attends Kidspace, our developmental childcare center. Like many children who have gone through trauma, Elise has experienced developmental delays. This was difficult for Michelle to recognize, but with supportive guidance from our staff, she was able to see the need for testing. Since then Elise has received regular speech therapy at Kidspace. Today she is doing so well!

As we face the reality of the current COVID-19 crisis, our staff is helping Michelle and all our clients process their anxieties, problem-solve in the face of new challenges, and remember their resilience — they have already come through so much. Michelle has faced many setbacks in her life, but she is vigilant in moving forward. She is a wonderful example for us all during difficult times. Michelle regularly expresses her appreciation for the help she has received from House of Ruth.

*Names have been changed.

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