House of Ruth

Eagle Scout Project

Eagle Scout Project

In June, a fantastic team of Eagle Scouts and some friendly neighbors worked together to complete the playground at House of Ruth’s Hope Rising program. The Scouts shoveled wood chips into the wheelbarrows, spread the mulch across the playground, and built the perimeter and benches.

Hope Garden is Complete!

Thanks to the help of our amazing volunteers, the seeds have been planted in Hope Garden! Together with the volunteers and women and children, we planted a healthy variety of seeds such as cucumber, corn, tomato and carrot, as well as watermelon, cantaloupe and cilantro. The garden is a wonderful addition to the program, and we had an amazing time planting these seeds. A very special thanks to our volunteers who helped make this garden happen – we’re all looking forward to harvesting the fruits of our labor in a few months!

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Program Highlight: Hope Rising

“We plants seeds, water fertile ground, and watch our clients grow and blossom,” says Hope Rising Assistant Program Coordinator Chrishania Robinson. Hope Rising is one of House of Ruth’s permanent, supportive housing programs created for women and children recovering from the effects of domestic violence, homelessness and mental health challenges. Twelve families can live at Hope Rising’s permanent housing site. Mothers who come to Hope Rising arrive with a mental health condition or have experienced trauma that caused a mental health issue. The ultimate goal is for Hope Rising clients to stabilize their mental health and to access the resources needed to become self-sufficient.

Women arrive with their own unique priorities, and Hope Rising enables them to take the time needed to restructure their lives. Chrishania says, “We have had clients come so far in their healing process that they are able to purchase their own homes when leaving House of Ruth. They are able to piece back together the fragments of their lives that have been broken apart over so many years.”