House of Ruth

Tatiana and James’ Story

Tatiana* and James* live in House of Ruth’s supportive housing for mothers and children fleeing domestic violence, and James is enrolled in Kidspace, House of Ruth’s developmental childcare center.

Together, Tatiana and James left a dangerous situation. They have had to deal with anxiety surrounding new circumstances while recovering from the trauma of abuse, but Tatiana knows House of Ruth’s staff is here for her. She says House of Ruth has been “extremely supportive for herself and for her child.”

Tatiana is truly focused on creating safety and stability for herself and for James. Six months ago when she came to House of Ruth, she was working part-time. She is now working full-time and improving her financial situation.

At first, it was understandably hard for Tatiana to trust James would be safe outside her care, but after many positive interactions, she now trusts our Kidspace staff and embraces the services available to James. She doesn’t hesitate to call staff to discuss his needs. She has had some concerns about James, and wanted to be sure his developmental progress was on target, so she requested additional developmental screenings. Our staff helped facilitate this process, and Tatiana is eager to connect James to services that will help him thrive.

Tatiana has been through a lot and has access to the support she needs to recover.  She is able to focus on things like school readiness goals for her son, and not worry about safety or housing.

*Names have been changed.