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The Difference YOU Make: Abeni’s Story

Prior to entering the program, Abeni was experiencing trauma brought on from abuse by her children’s father. She took the step to seek support from House of Ruth while pregnant and mother to a 10-month-old.

While transitioning to an unfamiliar part of the city she was worried for the safety of her and her children. But with time and help from House of Ruth staff, she felt supported and comfortable in her new home.

Abeni says that she is “very grateful to House of Ruth – for her new sense of security, and the preparation she’s received for her child’s birth.” She also praises the housing and parent trainings she’s received as the solid foundation she needed to begin “providing for her family to secure a positive future”.

Abeni has been determined to land a work-from-home job where she can financially support her family and be present for her young children. She has attended many work-from-home job fairs, received professional clothing from Dress for Success, and worked with staff to apply for jobs that meet her needs. After several interviews, Abeni has accepted a permanent work-from-home position as a Customer Service Specialist that will allow her to transition back into independent living and provide her family with the support that she desires.

In addition to landing this position, Abeni has obtained an Inclusionary Zoning certificate from the Department of Housing and Community Development. With this certificate, she can find an affordable home or apartment for her family with her new income. Within a few months, Abeni and her family should be in their own home just in time for the holidays.

Abeni is feeling hopeful for her future and she gives much credit to the support that she has received here at House of Ruth. The monthly group sessions have provided her with a sense of self after entering motherhood during a traumatic point of her life. Now she feels confident of the path in front of her and wishes to rediscover herself as a mother of two by creating countless new memories.


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