House of Ruth

The Difference YOU Make: Bahar’s Story

Bahar* and her son moved into House of Ruth’s supportive housing for survivors of domestic violence just under a year ago. They left a scary situation and came into the program with nothing but each other.

When Bahar first arrived at House of Ruth, she was afraid to leave her apartment. She spoke in a whisper and was very shy around staff. Her abusive experiences were still fresh on her mind, and she was extremely concerned about safety. She received counseling at House of Ruth, where she formed a strong relationship with her therapist. With time and expert support, Bahar began to feel safer and believe in herself again.

Bahar’s son is also recovering from his experiences with domestic violence in his former home. Bahar set him up with counseling through his school, and our staff has supported both as they recover from trauma…through planning camps and fun summer adventures with him. Together, they are making new, happy memories.

Bahar has also found strength, support, and practical information in group counseling at House of Ruth. Groups focus on essential topics…like domestic violence and trauma, parenting, home management, financial planning, how to write a will, and so much more.

Bahar had a good job when she arrived at House of Ruth and earned a healthy income. Still, her money was tied up with the abuser. There were outstanding bills connected to her name…She needed new financial management practices. She faced these challenges through financial literacy training and ongoing encouragement from House of Ruth. She has made great strides and improved her finances.

Bahar’s efforts paid off. After paying down bills, she got serious about saving money. She also found the courage to pursue homeownership. Just five months ago, Bahar shared that she wanted to buy her own home. With House of Ruth, she found a realtor…and now Bahar is looking forward to closing on a house in August!

Your generosity has made a critical difference. So much has changed in just a year. Bahar continues to have safety concerns, but with support from her therapist, she is moving forward and embracing life. She has a protective order in place and plans to install a security system in her new home. Bahar’s foundation is solid. With your partnership, we will continue to be there for her as she continues to thrive… Plus, thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, Bahar can continue to see her counselor as long as she needs to.

Thank you for helping to provide the safety and support Bahar and her son needed at a critical time in their lives. Thanks to Bahar’s determination and your generosity, their future is bright.