House of Ruth

The Difference YOU Make: Lucia’s Story

When Lucia first moved into to House of Ruth’s housing, she was depressed and her mental health was unstable. Lucia says she felt broken and in a very dark mindset, but the staff at House of Ruth helped her find her strengths and not focus so much on her weaknesses.  She says, “They gave me hope and positive coping skills to get through adversities and to see a positive future for me and my children.”

Lucia’s children have attended Kidspace, House of Ruth’s enriching childcare center for families overcoming the challenges of houselessness. In addition to daily childcare, Kidspace provides parenting support, as well as onsite speech therapy, occupational therapy, music therapy, and mental health counseling for children and their parents.  These services enable families to access comprehensive support all in one location.  Lucia says,  “Having a child with a disability can be a very challenging experience; however, I was able to have moral support and know that I didn’t have to do it all alone thanks to House of Ruth.  I was able to be connected with resources to provide for the needs of my child.”

Lucia says her journey at House of Ruth “has been a rewarding experience that has allowed me to be able to have a healthy relationship with my children. I enjoy being able to provide and care for them.” She says the parent trainings she attends continuously teach her ways to nurture and be emotionally available for her children. She is grateful to have connected to House of Ruth and, with support from caring donors like you, has truly made the most of her experience here. Through her own impressive efforts and with support from House of Ruth, Lucia has found purpose, peace of mind, and stability for her family.  Thank you for making this possible.

*Name has been changed.