House of Ruth

Gifts for Families 2022

Gifts for Families is an annual program that we host for the families and women currently in one of our 15 programs here at House of Ruth. With more than 450 people, we strive to give each person two gifts for the holiday season so they may celebrate with their loved ones.

We are always in need of funds to sustain our ability to offer survivors of domestic violence and homelessness homes, to offer high-quality childcare at no cost, and to provide counseling to domestic abuse survivors. During the holidays, we also ask for your special support as we work to purchase each gift from our Target registry. From arts n’ crafts to gift cards, your support makes all the difference to our community.

Thank you for all that you do.

Where can I find the registry?
Our target registry is here.

How do I use the registry?
Find our instructional how-to video here.

Where do the gifts go?
We aim to give two gifts to each individual in our program. It is often easier to find buyers for children’s gifts over adult gifts – but we need both!

How do we give gifts to our families?
Each of our programs has amazing staff who will come to our office, pick up gifts for their program, and deliver them to survivors.

Can I send a gift that isn’t on the registry?
You may, and we will be grateful. At the same time, we would love if you could select gifts from our registry as our families have picked them out!

Why send a gift card?
Gift cards allow our responsible families and women the freedom to purchase what they need – groceries, clothing, and other necessities.

Please email Elizabeth Kiker at ekiker@houseofruth.org or call 202.597.5803 with any questions or concerns regarding Gifts for Families.