House of Ruth

Letter of Inspiration: Michelle’s Story

by Michelle Giordano

House of Ruth is one of my personal favorite charities, I also give to others but the House of Ruth is in a very close place in my heart. I reached out to you all a few years ago to share my story on how I came to give to the House of Ruth. Years ago, my children and I lived in one the House of Ruth’s safe houses because I am also a domestic abuse survivor and if it weren’t for the House of Ruth, my children and I would not have a safe chance to get our lives together and get on our feet again. I will never forget that, and that is why I have been giving back for years through my employee contributions.

My children and I lived in the house of Ruth in DC between 1999-2000, and it was a very painful time for us, very humbling but the House of Ruth gave us the back bone we needed to recover from a very abusive situation with my ex the Father of my children. I wouldn’t have survived it all if it was not for the House of Ruth, that is why I have been contributing through my pay for almost 10 years now, for me there is no amount of money that could equal what was done for me and my children. Thank you.

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