House of Ruth

Olivia’s* Story

Olivia*, 45, initially came to the DVSC in a personal crisis as she attempted to separate from a highly verbally abusive long-term intimate partner. After discussing issues related to safety, anxiety, and various community resources with her counselor, Lorena was able to safely separate from her partner and enter a new phase of her life with a renewed feeling of hope. Instead of ending her therapy after her initial goals were met, however, she continued working with her counselor and turned her attention to other aspects of her life. Over time, Lorena came to have a stronger sense of self-esteem and self-worth, and made a number of positive life changes, including advancing her career. Like many other DVSC clients, Lorena was able to achieve both short-and long-term therapy goals as a result of her personal determination and the DVSC’s “no session limit” policy, so long as the therapy continues to be effective.

*Name has been changed.