Alma’s Story

In 2021, Alma* was accepted into House of Ruth’s FamilySpace housing program. FamilySpace serves mothers who have struggled with substance abuse. Alma lives in her own apartment in the community and receives both income-based rental assistance and case management support from House of Ruth. Alma has gone through difficult times, but thanks to your support, House of Ruth has been here to help her recover.

Alma is in her sixties, and most of her children are already independent adults. Alma is a survivor – a survivor of domestic violence, substance abuse, clinical depression, and loss. Within a period of six months, Alma lost several people she was very close to, including her partner, who died from overdosing. Unfortunately, during the pandemic, Alma experienced challenges with accessing her usual mental healthcare provider and obtaining medication for her depression. With the onslaught of so much overwhelming grief and the triggering of previous trauma, Alma turned to alcohol and drugs to self-medicate.

Two months ago, Alma’s son found her after she overdosed. With the help of Narcan, paramedics were able to save her and bring her to the hospital. Alma expressed that she was ready for further treatment, and her case manager connected her to the Psychiatric Institute of Washington. There she went through a one-week detox process, and she decided to pursue additional treatment. She spent 28 days at an inpatient facility. While there, Alma was able to learn and practice new coping mechanisms. She says she now feels like she has the tools to maintain her sobriety and mental health. She is back on medication for her depression, regularly seeing a therapist, and has connected with Narcotics Anonymous for critical ongoing support.

House of Ruth is supporting Alma as she puts her whole self into healing. Our staff has seen Alma’s energy and outlook change so much – she is healthy, smiling, and feeling really good about her growth. She is embracing the support available to her and wants to stay connected to ensure her continued sobriety and good health.

*Name has been changed